Wastewater Treatment


The volume of wastewater in Australia continues to increase as a result of changing demographics, and economic and urban growth. Along with more stringent environmental safeguarding as a result of strict regulations, wastewater treatment is a major environmental challenge for state, regional and local water authorities.

Wastewater treatment is a technological and economic challenge. The sometimes conflicting goals are to preserve biodiversity and protect water resources, while ensuring the wellbeing of local populations and meeting our customers’ requirements. 

We have proven our ability to meet these challenges. Today more than 3.5 million Australians are serviced by a wastewater treatment plant operated and maintained by SUEZ and our partners, which illustrates our commitment to meeting the sanitation requirements of the community and customers.

To support municipal authorities, we design, build and operate reliable and innovative wastewater treatment systems and plants of varying complexity based on the quality of the effluent to be treated and the sensitivity of the medium.

With access to a world-wide network of knowledge, resources and expertise, SUEZ is a leading provider of wastewater treatment solutions for any situation.

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