Water and wastewater distribution networks are an essential part of the water cycle and a major tool in the preservation of water resources. As communities rely on these networks, effective operation and optimal management and performance are critical.

With a comprehensive range of technologies and services, SUEZ Australia and the SUEZ Group covers a range of activities related to water and wastewater network management to help municipal authorities effectively manage their networks. This in turn ensures improved distribution of reliable water and sanitation services for our communities.

Our ability to improve water and wastewater network management performance is evident in Adelaide. As part of the Allwater partnership, SUEZ and partners manage more than 8,900 km of water and 7,200 wastewater networks - reducing bursts disturbing water supply and providing improved network management for the client and more than1.1 million people.

We offer our customers vastly improved network management performance through a range of innovative solutions:

  • Diagnosing the deterioration of pipes in contact with chlorinated disinfectants
  • Installation of a leakage alert devices that make it possible to identify leaks in real time across the drinking water distribution network
  • Installation of a new generation of acoustic sensors
  • A corrosion-detection tool, SCANNER, which assesses network status
  • Implementation of PREVOIR® (optimised network renovation and recovery plan) to allow communities to plan for pipe renovation
  • Ice Pigging. Please, see our video about Ice Pigging here.

SUEZ is committed to continuing to provide innovative, high-performing water and wastewater networks of all sizes, delivered using the most appropriate service model for the situation.

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On 1st of November 2014, SUEZ Australia acquired Aqualogy Australia, in a move that strengthens SUEZ's portfolio and service offering in the area of ice pigging and network solutions. Ice Pigging is a patented, highly effective method of cleaning pipes. It can be used to remove sediment and biofilm from drinking water pipes or to remove deposits that build-up in pressurized sewers.

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