Drinking Water


Clean water is very much a part of our everyday life and is essential for our survival.

When we turn on the tap, we expect to get as much clean water as we need.

Yet, Australia’s rapidly growing population and drought conditions continue to place pressure on water supplies.

To combat this, SUEZ incorporates leading water-treatment technologies and management expertise to develop innovative and reliable solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Our technologies and solutions are becoming increasingly compact, automated and cost-efficient and improve services, effectiveness and efficiency on new and existing drinking water facilities.

We play an important role in working with municipal clients to supply communities with reliable supplies of safe, clean and healthy drinking water. In fact, along with our partners, we can supply more than 7 million Australians – or 31% of the population - with treated drinking water, when required.

Treatment processes may range from the traditional, using highly efficient conventional filters through to ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis membranes that provide a complete barrier to viruses.

SUEZ is committed to working with municipal authorities to continue to provide the community with safe, clean and reliable drinking water.

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