Desalination is a responsible way of producing fresh water to meet the growing needs of the community.

As recognised leaders in reverse-osmosis desalination technology, SUEZ can deliver reliable and innovative desalination plants within short time frames and at optimal investment and operating costs, meeting the needs of our customers and communities.

Together with our partners, we operate and maintain desalination plants with a combined capacity of more than 590 MLD. Our excellence in desalination was recognised by our global peers when the Victorian Desalination Plant won the prestigious “2013 Desalination Plant of the Year” award at the Global Water Awards in Seville.

Drawing on our innovation, we develop solutions that maximize the output of reverse osmosis systems; incorporate the use of renewable energies for a plant's power supply; foster internal energy recovery; and implement procedures to disperse saline concentrates to protect marine flora and fauna.

In the case of hybrid installations, we also set up reverse-osmosis desalination systems that optimize energy consumption in thermal plants. The production of desalinated water by reverse osmosis is the final stage in water production from thermal desalination, wgy-intensive.

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