Clough and SUEZ secure Beenyup Advanced Water Treatment Plant contract

17 October 2017


Engineering, Procurement and Construction contract to expand Water Treatment Plant in Perth’s northern suburbs
• Plant capacity to double to 28 billion litres per year, and ensure water security
• Provide climate independent water source to boost drinking water supplies

The Clough SUEZ Water Partners joint venture has been awarded a contract to complete the Stage 2 expansion at the Advanced Water Recycling Plant in Craigie.

The Clough SUEZ Water Partnership brings together Engineering and Construction Company, Clough, with global resource management firm, SUEZ, to design and construct the new plant for Water Corporation.

As part of Water Corporation’s Groundwater Replenishment Scheme, the Advanced Water Recycling Plant currently has the capacity to treat secondary treated wastewater and recharge up to 14 billion litres of recycled water into groundwater supplies each year.

The scope of the expansion project includes doubling of the plant’s capacity to recharge up to 28 billion litres of recycled water each year, which will provide further water security to the residents of Perth.

Clough CEO and Managing Director, Peter Bennett said, “We are delighted to receive this award from the Water Corporation of Western Australia. Our long-standing history with the Water Corporation is one Clough’s is very proud of. We are excited to deliver the project in partnership with SUEZ.”

“This development is critical to Water Corporation’s objective to reduce reliance on rainfall and continue to ensure every West Australian has the water services to sustain the West Australian lifestyle,” Bennett said.

SUEZ’s Chief Executive Officer - Water, David Lamy, said the company is also delighted to continue its work with Water Corporation.

In partnership with Water Corporation, SUEZ operates and maintains the water production and wastewater treatment assets of Perth and also operates the Perth Seawater Desalination Plant in Kwinana.

“SUEZ is proud of the role we play in delivering safe and reliable drinking water to two million residents in Perth and surrounding areas. The Advanced Water Recycling Plant will provide an additional, climate independent water source to boost drinking water supplies,” Mr Lamy said.

The contract was formally announced by the Minister for Water, Dave Kelly at the Advanced Water Treatment Plant in Craigie on 17 October 2017.

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For further information: Aaron Ryder (Clough) on +61 8 9281 9604 or Laura Turnley (SUEZ) on +61 2 8775 5527.


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