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With time, network infrastructure can develop issues that impact water quality and network reliability.

Ice pigging is a pipeline cleaning process in which an ice slurry is pumped into a pipe and forced through under pressure. This process removes sediment and deposits to leave the pipe clean. This solution is suitable for:

  • Drinking water
  • Urban wastewater
  • Oil & gas pipe cleaning
  • Industries (food & beverage, home & personal cares, cosmetics)

The main advantages of ice pigging are:

  • OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY – up to 1000 times more effective at removing sediment and biofilm than traditional flushing.
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS – particularly when considering the amount of sediment removed, Ice pigging uses up to 50% less water than traditional techniques
  • SERVICE IMPROVEMENT – reduce service disruption, Ice pigging takes half the time normally required by other techniques

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With rapid urban growth, traditional buffers between residential and industrial sites, including wastewater treatment plants, are being eroded and residents are living closer to facilities. With increased proximity to industrial facilities, communities are becoming more and more aware of potential odour nuisances.

SUEZ has developed smart, new, reliable and collaborative approaches to odour management to better enable the integration and acceptance of industrial facilities within local communities, based on NOSE. Developed by SUEZ, NOSE can characterise, treat and monitor odour emissions.

It is suitable for both municipal and industrial applications.

NOSE enables a constructive dialogue with local communities, to ultimately improve the quality of life for residents and onsite operators, while managing and reducing the costs of treating nuisance odours.

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SUEZ's water handbook outlines fundamental water treatment processes as well as SUEZ's smart and reliable solutions and technologies.

Designed for the industry's players, this valuable tool is essential for water utilities, consultants, universities, etc.

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