Innovative Alliances


SUEZ has formed a number of innovative alliance partnerships with customers to provide more reliable and innovative water solutions for the municipal and industrial markets through co-operative efforts. These collaborative contracts include both joint venture-based and non-joint venture-based strategic alliances based on established alliancing principles, values and behaviours.

Our strategic alliances allow us to work more closely with our clients and to understand their needs, providing  the benefits of shared knowledge, expertise and experience, and enabling us to work together to better deliver ‘best-for-project’ outcomes and help solve Australia’s water issues.

We have formed a number of innovative alliances in recent years including:

  • Perth Seawater Desalination Plant, WA (144 MLD) – In 2005, as the state faced severe drought, Western Australia's Water Corporation formed an alliance with SUEZ and Multiplex. The alliance designed, built, and for 25 years will operate and maintain Perth’s first seawater desalination plant, the first large-scale desalination plant in the southern hemisphere.
  • Allwater, SA (1.2 Million people served) – Adelaide is one of the driest inhabited places on earth, which is why water security is so vital and why, in July 2011, SA Water awarded SUEZ and its partner, Transfield Services, a 10- to 16-year alliance contract to supply water and sanitation services to 1.2 million people to the city.
  • Aroona Alliance, WA (1.9 Million people served) - The Western Australian Water Corporation, along with SUEZ and Transfield Services, has formed an alliance to operate and maintain the water production and wastewater treatment assets of Perth, the 4th largest city in Australia and one of the driest in the world.



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