Innovative Offers


SUEZ is committed to offering our customers innovative solutions that add value and support business growth and respect the needs of  local communities and the environment. Innovation is a key enabler of this commitment  by creating products and services that favour the carefully-considered use of water, identify alternative resources and limit environmental impacts.

Supporting our commitment to innovation is the SUEZ Group’s international network of research and development centers, and a policy of collaboration with partners and customers, which is at the heart of a system designed to respond to their needs, both now and in the future.

We use the Group’s structured research and innovation capability to maximize added-value, with the aim of serving customers, supporting their environmental performance, and promoting innovation to provide dynamic new solutions to the Australian water market.

SUEZ operates within a global network of the Group’s entities, which complement each other and work together as part of a general innovation effort. Thanks to the important work done in the past five years to establish common standards, share best practices and prioritize issues, innovation is based on a robust common platform. The research centres have retained a spirit of enterprise and a sense of regional grounding, enabling SUEZ and other entities to respond to the specific needs of customers.

We also foster  an open collaborative  approach to innovation, as this is an important generator of partnerships, both in the academic and business worlds. These collaborations give us access to a broader range of skills, speeding up innovation development and shortening time-to-market.

SUEZ and the Group’s ultimate aim is to provide innovative, reliable, tailored responses to its customers’ requirements. The Group is convinced of the benefits of a collaborative approach: of working alongside customers to co-construct the infrastructure that they need.

  • 500 Technologies patented worldwide
  • $113 Million invested by the Group in 2012 in Research and Innovation
  • 100 +  Research and Development staff dedicated to future technological water solutions

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