To cope with major changes in policy, climate and population, SUEZ can help operators of thermal power plants (coal, lignite, fuel oil, gas, biomass, biogas and solar) meet key objectives:

  • Maintain or improve their energy plant’s competitive advantage by controlling water quality at the various application points
  • Comply with increasing environmental and health’ constraints

Whether used to feed the high (steam system) or the low-temperature reservoirs (cooling systems), producing water to a suitable quality - or in large quantities has a substantial impact on the facility’s energy efficiency. We understand how important effective water management is for our clients in the power industry, and we are committed to providing them with effective and reliable water solutions to meet their needs.

SUEZ offer optimum water treatment processes and solutions to ensure customers within the power industries can achieve energy production objectives. Our expertise includes:

  • Auditing, engineering and expertise to identify the most appropriate resource(s).
  • Installation and equipment providing access to all the technologies used by energy utilities for:
    • Cooling systems
    • Steam circuits
  • Operation of cooling towers and water production facilities
  • Specialist services:
    • Supplies of spare parts, membranes and ion exchange resins
    • Preventive and/or corrective cleaning of microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes
    • CMMS solutions (Computerised Maintenance Management System) to guarantee superior execution speed for any maintenance operations required: mobile trailer unit for producing demineralised
    • Mobile units


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Vales Point Water Reclamation Plant, (1.2 MLD) Australia (INDUSTRY: POWER)

Mobile Contaminated Denim Water Solution, (130 M3/h) Belgium (INDUSTRY: POWER)

Process Water Solution, Spain (INDUSTRY: POWER)

Mobile Solution - Optimal Water Management, (710 M3/h) France (INDUSTRY: POWER)

Pretreatmeant by Reverse Osmosis, France (INDUSTRY: POWER)

  • CEA
  • Comurhex (Areva Group)
  • CPCU
  • EDF
  • Iberdrola
  • Scottish Power
  • Union Fenosa
  • Vattenfall

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