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    SUEZ has been involved with more than 80 projects in the upstream oil and gas market throughout the world. The Groups global experience means SUEZ is well-placed to work with the Australian market to provide effective, innovative and reliable solutions in order to meet the needs of our local oil and gas clients.

    We understand water is a critical part of the production process for the upstream oil and gas industry, which use and produce high quantities of water for everything from exploration to production.

    Water quality is crucial, whether for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) or chemical EOR, and for reuse or discharge.

    SUEZ is committed to combating these challenges by providing reliable water treatment systems and services that meet clients’ obligations in regards to environmental constraints and discharge limits.

    • External source of water for injection
      Water treatment solutions can differ, depending on the water resource available (seawater, brackish water, freshwater), to produce injection water.
    • Produced water / wastewater 
      Generated by exploration and production, produced water needs to be treated before reuse or discharge to the environment.
    • Reuse / produced water reinjection 
      The recycling of the produced water limits external water source consumption.

    Therefore, water is a key part of exploration and production processes and SUEZ can help clients meet the essential water quality standards for EOR.

    For our customers to achieve their performance objectives, we work with them to address several challenges:

    • Integration of water technologies to meet environmental and local constraints (space, discharge and water resources availability)
    • Cost-optimisation
    • Environmental footprint management and reduction: major changes to environmental regulation

    And since the well lifetime can be 25-30 years, we need to ensure robust and reliable solutions to ensure longevity of any installation.

    SUEZ provides a complete portfolio of proven sustainable solutions to produce injection water, and to treat and reuse produced water. We also offer a full range of services that cover complete operation of your water treatment installations, maintenance, technical assistance, supply of spare parts and the leasing of mobile water treatment units to meet any temporary requirements (emergencies, maintenance, etc.).

    • coarse filtration
    • pressure filtration
    • ion exchange
    • sulphate removal
    • ultrafiltration
    • microfiltration
    • nanofiltration
    • reverse osmosis
    • ozonation
    • moving bed bioreactor
    • evaporation and crystallisation


    Our expertise in water treatment for upstream oil and gas customers covers both on- and off-shore oil and gas – conventional and unconventional. Our dual goals are always to optimise water management according to local requirements, and to minimise production risks. These are both critical in order for oil and gas customers to achieve business objectives.


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    With more than 250 successful projects worldwide, SUEZ is an experienced and reliable partner in the global downstream oil and gas market. This makes us well-placed to share this international experience with the Australian market and provide effective, innovative and reliable solutions to meet the needs of local oil and gas clients.

    The downstream oil and gas industries use and treat water in large quantities (injection water, production water, process water, wastewater, rainwater, cooling water, tank cleaning water, domestic wastewater and more). SUEZ understands the importance of effectively managing water to ensure continuity in the industrial production process.

    We know that the wastewater to be treated depends on the quality of the crude oil, the process for treating the oil and the applications planned for its by-products.

    The downstream oil and gas industry is regularly faced with major changes to environmental legislation, under increasing pressure to curb costs while cutting back on investments, and often relies on aging infrastructure. With all this in mind, we offer our downstream oil and gas clients’ innovative solutions that inject greater efficiency into the management of the industrial water cycle, which in turn helps them meet their water needs.

    We supply robust and reliable water treatment facilities and services that comply with specific standards of existing downstream oil and gas complexes, or newly-built sites.

    Through SUEZ's international Oil & Petrochem Centre of Excellence, which specialises in water treatment for the downstream industry, we have access to cutting-edge technologies for risk control and are at the forefront of the ongoing quest for reduced operating costs of the entire water cycle.

    SUEZ operates in all areas of downstream oil and gas water treatment including:

    • Cooling water, utility water, boiler-feed water
    • Wastewater, recycling and ZLD
    • Solids treatment and recovery

    Furthermore, we offer a full range of services that cover the complete running of your water treatment installations, the maintenance, technical assistance and the location of mobile water treatment units to meet any temporary needs (emergencies, maintenance, etc.).

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Seawater Treatment for Injection, (210 000 BWPD) North Sea (INDUSTRY: OIL AND GAS)

Seawater Desalination Plant, (21 000 BWPD) Angola (INDUSTRY: OIL AND GAS)

Wastewater Treatment Plant, (800M3/h) Germany (INDUSTRY: OIL AND GAS)

Operations and Maintenance, (850M3/h) United Kingdom (INDUSTRY: OIL AND GAS)

  • Aera Energy
  • BP
  • Chevron
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Repsol
  • Shell
  • Total

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