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With our dual expertise in project management and water treatment, SUEZ has complete control over every stage of turnkey plant design and build. This longstanding expertise is tailored to the needs of both municipal and industrial customers, and is based on the fundamental values of performance reliability for our customers, as well as respect for the environment.

We have already completed and delivered many turnkey water and wastewater infrastructure projects in Australia. We lead and control all stages involved from project conception, design, construction, operations and transition to operations.

More than 6.4 million Australians have access to water, desalination and wastewater treatment facilities that SUEZ has designed and built, which illustrates our capabilities and commitment to meeting our customer’s and the community’s needs.

Whether it involves plants for drinking water production, desalination, wastewater, biolsolids management or reuse, we ensure these facilities offer certainty for our customers in terms of public health security and compliance with stringent quality, safety and environmental standards.

Our design and build team provides water quality studies, process optioneering and value engineering to both industrial and municipal water and wastewater plant requirements. Our project execution engineers, supported by SUEZ's global skilled resources from the centre of excellence, lead projects ranging from process design, equipment and plant implementation, construction, plant commissioning and process optimisation to full turnkey deliveries.
As part of our robust design and build process, SUEZ  also ensures it offers ergonomic plants, designed to make day-to-day activities easier for any operator.

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