Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT)


Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) is a type of contract which combines various types of services:

  • Design and build,
  • Operations, ownership of asset and
  • Financing arrangements.

BOOT is more than a service; it is a real long-term partnership between SUEZ and its customers.

This is our true area of expertise and one of our four major services. A BOOT service can be offered when the customer wants the private partner to be fully involved in every aspect of the project, including responsibility for financing.

Within this context, SUEZ, represented by a special purpose company created for, and dedicated to, the project provides the design, construction, financing, ownership and operation of the asset.

In return, the customer undertakes to pay for the asset and service provided to  them according to a rate covering both the plant operating activity and also the amortisation of the capital invested. The plant is transferred to the customer at the end of the contract, which generally lasts 20 to 30 years. The latter, of course, has the benefit of the technical expertise and know-how provided by SUEZ throughout the contract.

Our expertise, service standards and commitment to our customers’ needs under this wide-ranging contract is evident through our successes. Two of Australia’s largest water infrastructure projects – the Prospect Water Filtration plant, which provides clean water to 3.97 million Sydneysiders; and the Victorian Desalination Plant, providing 30 per cent of Melbourne’s daily water requirements and the biggest desalination plant in Australia – were developed and built under a BOOT contract.

BOOT is a multidisciplinary activity, highlighting Degrémont Australia’s historical competences, supplementing what it offers commercially and going beyond the traditional areas of design-build and operation.

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