Health & Safety

Our vision is for an injury and illness free workplace where everyone goes home safe at the end of each day

Our commitment to the health and safety of all SUEZ Water Australia workers is at the forefront of our business in everything we do, every day. Together with our employees, partners and contractors we strive to sustain and continuously improve our safety culture and our safety systems so that our vision, is our reality.

We will achieve our vision and continue our positive safety performance by focussing on the following key areas:


Our Leaders are the driving force for safety in our business. They willingly accept accountability for their own and their team’s actions and they are passionate about the safety of everyone on site. Our leaders are visible on site and spend time understanding the operations and the risks involved, they engage with our workers and our workers engage with them. We consult with our workers in all aspect of safety and they are empowered to take ownership of their own safety and are authorised to stop work if they deem it unsafe.


Learning is an essential part of ensuring that our operations are safe. We understand the importance of continued training and education and of sharing learnings of incidents, near misses and positive performance. We work with safety leaders from within our own business, locally and internationally and with industry to share knowledge and best practice and ensure continuous learning.

We also value and acknowledge the performance of our workers and each year we celebrate these performances with our safety awards, highlighting what can be achieved when safety is our priority


We believe that providing our workers with strong systems and tools that go beyond legal compliance and support the effective management of the risks involved in our operations, is essential to ensuring that every worker is safe. We strive to provide systems which ensure our operations are successful while our people can perform their work incident free as we believe that our operational excellence is reliant on the health and safety of our people.

Healthy Workers

A healthy workforce goes hand in hand with a safe workforce, therefore we recognise that having healthy and happy workers is the only way to ensure that we maintain the safety and performance of our business. We protect and promote the health of our workers by identifying and managing the health risks of the work we do and promoting healthy lifestyle choices. We ensure that workers feel happy and confident that we treat them fairly and respect them in every aspect of our business.

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SUEZ is certified:

  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

  • OHSAS 18001:2007  Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

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