For SUEZ, ‘quality’ is at the heart of our daily activities. More than 7 million Australians currently rely on us and our partners to supply safe and reliable drinking water, so for us excellence in quality is standard practice. Mindful of the community and clients we serve, as well as changes in regulations, we are committed to a program of continuous improvement for all our quality business processes.

A Process-Based Approach Focussed On Improving Quality For Our Customers

We have been passionately committed to quality for many years: in 1994, we became the first water treatment company to obtain ISO 9001 certification, and we have an impeccable record of high-quality compliance at all our water, wastewater, reuse and desalination facilities throughout Australia.

To ensure we maintain this record and continue to meet the needs of the community and our customers, we strive for quality improvement every day. To achieve this, we have made quality an intellectual framework applicable to every problem and we analyse and optimise all our activities, including support functions. Each quality process is described as precisely as possible and sequenced in as many steps as necessary. We plan each step before carrying it out, then evaluate and apply improvements where needed. This process-based approach allows us to perfect quality standards well beyond statutory regulations, as well as exceed expectations.

More Than a Requirement, Quality Is a Way Of Thinking

Since 2004, Omega processes have been synonymous with quality at SUEZ. Its activities of Design and Build, Operations and Maintenance, and Equipment are charted and controlled, ensuring optimum management of the risk, time, and resources involved.

SUEZ has taken its quality requirements well beyond the perimeters of ISO certification. As a result, certification audits guarantee our customers that we truly apply all main quality principles we have adopted.

An information system dedicated to Omega  Processes set up in 2005, provides SUEZ with real-time access to the common rules for perfect, constant control of the four business services.

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SUEZ is certified:

  • AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems

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