SUEZ provides specialist services in many aspects of water cycle management. The company is committed to managing its business in an environmentally-sensitive manner, and to preventing pollution for the benefit of its employees, clients and the community. Compliance with environmental laws is seen as a minimum requirement and, where possible, we will continually improve our operations to minimise or eliminate any adverse environmental effects.

Where practical, environmentally sensitive products, practices and technologies will be used and recommended to clients.

Environmental impact will be considered during the company's decision making process and at all stages of service delivery.

We have implemented an environmental management system which is maintained to continually identify, monitor and control environmental risks arising from our operations. The performance of the management system is regularly reviewed, and adequate human, physical and financial resources are provided to meet the aims and objectives of our policy. The environmental management system is certified to the ISO 14001 standard to meet contractual obligations.

We promote an attitude of environmental care with individual responsibility for the environment and we take pride in our environmental performance. All managers and employees are accountable for environmental protection.
Management, employees and contractors are appropriately trained and made aware of their environmental responsibilities and obligations to comply with the law and SUEZ's Environment Policy.

SUEZ is receptive to community concerns and acts as a responsible corporate citizen. To demonstrate this commitment, this policy is accessible to the public. The company's environmental performance results are property that is shared with our clients. This information is therefore available to the public at the consent of our clients.

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SUEZ is certified:

  • AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems:

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