Our Commitments


Committed together to water, a source of life.  Our vision is more than a corporate statement of direction.  It is an ethical pledge to work with our clients and society to secure the water needed for both human and ecological future needs, and ensure the well-being of our people and communities.

We take pride in the civil and commercial partnerships we have formed to protect the environment and conserve Australia’s natural resources, while protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and the wider community.  Our ethical commitment has been recognised since 2009 by being the first Australian water company to receive and keep its ‘Good Corporation’ accreditation since 2009.

SUEZ is devoted to water - and responsible water cycle management through

  • Cleaner and healthier coastal environments and waterways
  • Safe and reliable drinking water supplies
  • Opportunities to recycle and re-use this valuable resource to conserve fresh water supplies

We maintain and constantly upgrade the certification of our Environment, Quality and Health and Safety Management Systems.

We are committed to a strategy promoting responsible and sustainable development.

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